Zuma and Canoe Creek Townships Assessor

Information Links

The following is a list of other information resources which may prove helpful in understanding the property assessment and tax process. There are many offices that hold different pieces of information about your property tax and this is intended to get you to relevant offices that can provide the information you are seeking. 

Zuma and Canoe Creek Townships Phone Numbers

Zuma Township Supervisor is Dale H. Killen 309-523-2457

Zuma Township Clerk is Stephen Dickhut 309-523-3621

Canoe Creek Supervisor is Todd Jackson 309-523-3322

Canoe Creek Clerk is Dale Vroman 309-658-2143

Rock Island County Phone Numbers

Supervisor of Assessments - 309-558-3660

Treasurer’s Office - 309-558-3510

Recorder’s Office - 309-558-3360 

County Clerk - 309-558-3569

Circuit Court Clerk - 309-558-3318